Our Constitution


The Club shall be known as the SUDBURY JOGGERS.


The headquarters of the Club is at the Sudbury Sports Centre.


The object of the Club is to promote Amateur Athletics and to abide by the rules as laid down in the UKA ‘Rules for competition’ handbook.


a)     The club shall consist of amateurs according to the UKA definition of an amateur.

b)    Application for membership shall be made in writing on the form provided, to the club / subscription secretary and approved by the majority of the management committee.

c)     Each member shall pay a subscription, the amount decided on at the Annual General Meeting, which will be payable on the 1st of April each year. Or if joining later than April, part thereof, as decided by the management committee.

d)    Subscriptions must be paid for the current year before the member can compete for the club, except where the club chooses to waive this rule.

e)     To resign from the club, the member shall give notice, in writing, to the secretary, and his/her notice terminates on the date of the notice, unless he/she is financially indebted to the club, in which case the committee may withhold acceptance of resignation until he/she has discharged any liability. A member not having tendered his/her resignation prior to two weeks before the AGM shall be liable for the following year’s subscription.

f)     Any member found guilty of misconduct (i.e. behaviour contrary to the constitution or in a non-sporting manner) may be cautioned by a majority decision of the management committee. Any person expelled shall have the right to appeal to the management committee at a meeting called at his/her request, not later than 2 weeks from the date of expulsion.

g)     The committee shall have the power to expel any member whose subscription is 6 months in arrears, provided a month’s notice has been sent to such a member by registered post or recorded delivery, addressed to his/her last known address and informing him/her of the proposed action of the committee.

The name and address of any person so expelled from the club, in the Southern District, shall have his/her name sent to the Honorary Secretary of the Southern Counties AA, who shall enter his/her name in a book, (to be called the ‘Black Book’), kept for that purpose. Every person whose name has been entered in the Black Book shall be surrendered from competing at any meeting held under UKA Laws until the liability causing the said expulsion, (which shall not exceed one year’s subscription), shall be discharged.


Associated membership is available to any NON-RUNNING persons who may wish to join the club. Associated members will pay an annual subscription as decided at the AGM. Associated members will have NO VOTING RIGHTS.


a)     The Management Committee shall consist of:- The Chairman, The Secretary, The Treasurer, The club Captain, and FIVE other members who will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

b)     An Honorary President may also be chosen at the AGM.

c)      The Management Committee shall meet at least every 3 months.

b)    A quorum for the Management Committee shall be formed by 1 Officer plus 3 Committee Members.

c)     All decisions shall be by majority vote, the person chairing the meeting shall have the casting vote in the event of tie.

d)    The Management Committee has the power to co-opt extra non-voting members (up to a limit of 3), to create trustees, to form sub-committees, as, and when, considered necessary.


a)The secretary shall give 21 days notice of the Annual General Meeting, which will be    held during March, and the following business undertaken.

(i)   The general report will be read and discussed.

(ii)  The accounts will be presented.

(iii) The Officers and Committee will be elected.

b)    Motions to be discussed must be submitted, in writing, to the Secretary at least 14  days before the meeting.

c)Standing Orders or rules may only be changed by a two-thirds majority decision.

d)    One third of all paid up members will constitute a quorum.

e)    The person chairing the meeting shall have the casting vote.


a)     The Management Committee, by a two-thirds majority at a quorate meeting called for that purpose, may propose amendments to the Constitution. The changes may be made only at the AGM, or at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) called for that purpose. 4 weeks notice must be given for an EGM. A quorum consists of one half of the membership. If a two-thirds majority passes the motion, the amendment to the constitution will be adopted.

b)    Alternatively, 10 paid up and voting members may petition the Hon Secretary in writing to call an EGM, in which conditions in 7(a) will apply with respect to calling the meeting and voting at it.


a)     The colours of the club shall be Royal Blue vests or Tee shirts, incorporating Yellow side panels, with Blue, or Black, shorts or running bottoms.

b)    First claim club colours must be worn by all competitors at all UKA sanctioned meetings, unless mutually agreed by both Club Captain and the Race Referee.


Members wishing to take part in any event, that is co-ordinated / entered via the club, will have to pay any fees due in advance. Non-payment will mean that the member(s) no longer wishes / requires to take part in the event.


No members shall act as a representative of the club by letters, via the medium of the press, without the wording of such documents / letters being sanctioned by the Committee or the working party appointed by the committee.


a)     The Management Committee, by a two-thirds majority at a quorate meeting called for that purpose, may decide to dissolve the club. They must then call an EGM, giving 4 weeks notice to all club members. If a two-thirds majority passes the motion, the club is then dissolved.

b)    Alternatively, 10 ordinary paid up voting members may petition the Hon Secretary, in writing, to call an EGM, in which conditions in 12(a) will apply with respect to calling the meeting and voting at it.

Upon dissolution, any funds remaining, after all debts have been met, will be donated to the COUNTY AA to be used to further Road Running in the county.

Amended at AGMs in 1992,1995,1997,1998 and (to Sudbury Joggers) 2005