Sudbury Joggers Family Social Day 2018

As runners we often attend races and events without our families for many reasons, well, this time you won’t have to leave them behind!

On Sunday, 30th September at 11:00 we are having a club social event for members and their families. All monies raised will go towards the charities for the 2019 Sudbury Fun Run.

The activities are all in an enclosed field in Ballingdon with the only exception being the route of the 10km race.

  • Raising money for charity

  • 10km Freedom Run

  • Kids races

  • Raffle

  • BBQ and Drinks

  • Cake stall

  • Encloded field

  • Portaloos will be available

Freedom Race

This will be a 10km race (roughly) where you are to run naked – no, that’s not without clothes, it is without tracking technology, so no watches.

You will be given a chance to guess your time  – guess correctly and you can win a prize!

The race is for adults only and runners will be sent off in waves so that everyone should arrive back about the same time. The course is over terrain that is not suitable for a running buggy. No dogs are allowed.

BBQ and Drinks

A BBQ will be available so bring along anything you want to cook. Same thing with drinks, bring along your own.

Important Notes!

Dogs are not allowed – There is deer in the area and the scent from the dogs scares them away.

If we find that we experience bad weather on the day of the Family Social Day, the event will be cancelled.